Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Graze Box

Today my free  graze box came in the post and believe me it was worth the wait!

For your own free graze just use this code: G7W3GKRD

This tiny little box can easily fit through all post box so it don't have to be at home and  it saves on those trips to the post office to pick them up.
I have to admit the cake was tiny, it must have been about 5cm x 5cm but it was so yummy very lemon as soon as you opened the lid you got a strong smell of lemon, i had mine with some raisins as it was a small piece.
This little baby come in at 84cals, as all products come with the nutritional values.

Garden of England is dried baby strawberries,apple and blackcurrents
They were very yummy and filling and at only 70cals you cant say no!

I am fan of any kind of ricecake, i love to eat them just plain or with jam or spicy tuna on them
And as you can see they are only 59 cals and make a nice side for a yummy stir-fry .

this box of HEAVEN contain dried pear, vanilla pumpkin seeds and lemon raisins,  my thoughts on this  box were simple 'get in my belly!' lets say they didn't say in the box for too long ;)
Plus for any dieters all box have their own nutritional  values

Graze also have 3 nutrition plans.
-Eatwellbox- a selection of all our healthy recipes with the odd treat now and again

-theboostbox- our strictest most healthy box with out most nutrient dense food to give you a natural boost.

-thelightbox- all our lowest calorie nibbles,with all nibbles being between 50 and 150 calories

P.S check out the graze website to see their entire nibble menu; from olives to flapjacks, from nuts to cake! just don't do on an empty stomach as the pictures are mouth watering!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Just think.....

Just think next Monday I will be 18 years old, practically an adult, so much responsibilty that if am honest I'm so not ready for.

Ohh the plus side, it means birthday cake (i doubt i'll eat any stupid ED) the decoration and design is amazing, its a work of art, honestly and then Paris the next Monday, yay so excited!

Also after a crappy weekend of burning the whole of my arm in hot oil and english exam (i dont think it's gone well) i was so happy when i found out i'd won the giveaway at Celery and Cupcakes

Me and My beautiful baby sister, check me out in my turtle neck!
Me and sister as two of the three wise mean.
Excuse the face, but check out the tan! now i just go milk bottle white :(
Favourite place in the world, MENCORA!
Mencora again, but look we're all matching!
I have no idea why we're pulling those faces.
Thats the life, seating back and chilling out
Teletubbies, what a great show!
During the time when Powerpuffs were my life, favourite will also be Bubbles.
All aboard the Logo box!
Me and my sis, she really is my life, any other twin would understand, she more than sister and better a friend.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow, snow and more snow!

Maybe i'm a bore but i really hate all this snow it's such a pain.

Yes it looks beautiful but in England everything stops, transport becomes havoc, school can't cope!
Also, the stupid snow nearly caused my biology exam to be cancel, even the thought made me want to cry, only because i'd been revising so hard and to be honest i was sick of it.

Anyway, I've confirmed my choices for university
FIRM: The University of Leeds
INSURANCE: De Monforte University.
Here is a couple of recent munchies: Special K cracker crisps; they were really yummy actually, the only down side was they was lots the powdered flavouring leaving my mouth very dry.

They come in 3 flavours:-Salt and vinegar
-Sweet chili
-Sour cream and chive

Apricot Geobar: the raisins give the bar a sweet flavour and make the bar lovely and chewie, however the apricot are bitter but thankfully there's not alot of them.

Chewits fruit salad: have not have these in years, i almost had forgotten how amazing them were.

Ricecakes sandwiched with jam plus a few extra naughty spoonful of jam from the jar: one word yummy!

Other eats this week included:
Chicken and tomato pasta

Veggie stir-fry

Also get down to celery and cupcakes for yet another amazing giveaway of popchips, yum, yum yum!

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Ohh so many choices!

Lately, i've discover that i really can make quick decisions, i'm not sure that it's a bad or good thing yet but.

However, one decision that took me literally 2 seconds to make was entering celery and cupcakes giveaway.

The giveaway includes 5 bags o Urban fruit including the flavours:

What i yummy prize! So i urge to check out the page and enter, not only does celery and cupcakes do some amazing giveaway but has some amazing recipes and advice, i kid you that that every post is a joy to read even if it does leave you feeling slightly hungry ;)

Anyway back on tough and long decisions, its my cousins wedding in march and i'm still not sure what dress to get. However it must have long-sleeves which is making it so much harder.

Here are a couple of dress on ASOS that are in the running (some arent long-sleeved but a girl can dream)