Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Avoiding theory revision.

A is for age: 17, i'll be 18 in February, how scary- i'll be adult! Goodbye childhood, hello the adult world :(

B is for breakfast today: the usually, weetabix with soya milk, a chopped apple and whole toast.
C is for currently craving: i don't have any cravings at the minute!
D is for dinner tonight: I had tuna and couscous with salad and beetroot.
E is for favorite type of exercise: use to be running but it became a problem ( i got too obessive)

F is for irrational fear: I have a fear of snakes and most other reptiles just the scales and the fork tongue, creeps me out.
G is for gross food: I’m a picky eater, but I’ve gotten better about it but most of them are due to my ED. The only food i've never liked even as a kid is creamy foods; cream, salad cream, mayo etc.

H is for hometown: Corby in the UK

I is for something important: My family, i;ve treated them terrible over the last 3yrs with my ED and all and i've said some horrible things that i can't take back now but wish i had never said them. Especially my twin sister and mum, i feel so guitly just thiking about it.
J is for current favorite jam: my favourite has to be raspberry jam
K is for kids: i don't plan to have kids when i'm older but it depends things change, people change, so who knows?
L is for current location: The computer desk.
M is for the most recent way you spent money: on my driving lesson, £20 for an 1hour lesson, bargain ;)

N is for something you need: An A* student brain, so i could pass all my exams, as i hate doing all that revising and still going average grades.
O is for occupation: student atm, but a part-time crew member at Mcdonalds.
P is for pet peeve: People who are late! if your going to set a time be on time!
Q is for a quote: 'good things come in small packages'
R is for a random fact about you: I have a mole under my left eye, it was the only thing that helped people to tell me and twin sister apart.
S is for favorite healthy snack: plain ricecakes dipped in yogurt (preferable strawberry, yum yum!)
T is for favorite treat: i'm still unable to 'treat' myself, but hopefully soon :)
U is for something that makes you unique: i'm a identical twin
V is for favorite vegetable: brocolli, i use to hate it with a passion when i was little but now i love it raw or cooked

W is for today’s workout: I don't work out.
X is for x-rays you’ve had: 2 both on my teeth.
Y is for yesterday’s highlights: having a really good and positive driving lesson.
Z is for your time zone: GMT? i think thats the British one, i don't know- the clocks changed on Sunday they went an hour forward so its lighter in the morning and darker in the evenings.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Winter is upon us....

I think it's safe to say that Winter is finally here.

And that means it's time to get the winter coat out, along with the gloves and scarfs.
I've had my winter coat for 1 1/2 years now and i have to admit it has served me well, i'm actually going to miss it, but sadly it's had it's day and it's time for a new coat.

So out with the old and in with the new, as my mum would say.

After, searching the internet for literally hours on end and then finally finding the perfect coat, i  then came home from work to discover my sister had come back shopping with practically the same coat as i was going to get :( so i was back to sqaure one and my search began all over again!

But, after much internet searching, i think i found my 2012/2013 winter coat.

Vila- Navy Blue Captiko Womens Fur Trimmed Duffle Coat from Amazon at am amazing (in my opinion anyway) £39.99.

So now i'm on the hunt for so cute matching gloves and scarfs to finish off my winter look.

Here are a couple of gloves and scarfs that have tickled my fancy:



I'm think of going for dark green, rusty red/orange, wine red as my coliur scheme this winter :)

Have a lovely monday!

Any good websites, with lovely winter buys?
When do you start winter shopping?
Has your winter coat come out yet?


Sunday, 28 October 2012

a well deserved rest!

The last couple of weeks have been so so so so hectic, i've litterally worked, ate and slept!

But i've a weeks holidays, so sno school for a week. I'd like to say that it will be a week of 'me time' but sadly I have work to do and plus if i want to get good grades I need to put the work in so i'll be continueing my studies at home.

My work load includes:
-Biology past papers (in exam conditions)
-Mindmaps for English (establishing links between our chosen novels and poems)
-researh for applied science on energy efficient washing machines and simply experiments to shown solar/ chemical and wind energy.

I've also got my driving theory on Tuesday which includes a theory exam and a hazard preception test so I've been working my way through all the possible questions and doing practice exams. I really really hope i pass as i've spend so much time revising and it's cost me £31 so i dont really want it go to waste and for me to have to pay another £31 again to re-do the test, so fingers crossed, touch wood, what ever else you can do for luck!

On the plus side, I've sent my UCAS application ( i actually send it last Sunday) for those who don't UCAS are a company who deal with all university the applications in the UK. I really hope i get some offers, i'm so so scared that i won't get any, i will be so devastated if i dont get any offers.

My sister sent her's on Wednesday and has already got an offer, i am happy for her don't get me wrong, she really deserves it but a part of me is also really jealous as i sent my off early and i've had no offers, god i'm so horrible!

My plan is to try and not thing about it, what will be, will be.

I am however really excited for Tuesday night, as i've got a Halloween party to go and seems i never get invited to any of the 'cool' parties at school i was so happy to get asked to this one :) i dont why i care so much about what other people thing but i do. I'm going as Velma from Scooby-Doo, so i'll post some pictures up soon.

My eating is still little and often, probably still not enough but i just can't, some days i look in the mirror and i feel like such a fat blob of fat and other days i look and i think to myself i look awful, nothing fits, anything is hanging off me, i need to put on weight!

The fact of the matter is, i feel miserable thin and i feel miserable fat! i just wish i was normal, the 'perfect size' i could eat what ever i wanted and not have to feel guilty or digusted but full and happy.

I want to see food as moret than fuel, i want to enjoy the food i'm eating like i use to. :(
I want to eat desserts, chocolate, chips, cheesy pasta, etc.

I need to be healthy for Disneyland Paris in February or i wont be able to go :( Ohh i wish some thing could just happen over night!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

A-Z of me!

Autumn- its my favourite season.
Brown- for the colour of  my hair and eyes.
Cucumber- the one food my dad hates but i love!
Dogs- for my bestest boy Max- the best pet in the world.
E.T the film i use to watch just because it scared my twin sister, ohh im cruel!
France- the place i'm going for my birthday- disneyland paris here i come!
Goofy- favourite Disney character.
Harmony- the name of my bestfriend from childhood.
Ink- my pens always run out of ink, especially in exams it annoys me so so much.
Jamie- the name of the friend i've known the longest.
Kitchen the heart of our house.
Lucy for me!
Mencora- favourite place, i loved our family holidays there.
Nursing- what i what to do for the rest of my life.
Orange the only word what doesnt rhyme
Purple my favourite colouring
Questions- i have about 1 billion of them.
Roald Dahl- his book the witches was the first book i ever bought with my own money at the age of 7.
Scotland, the place where my family come from.
Tots Tv- the programme of my childhood.
UCAS- the bain of my life at the minute
Victory- i aim for this in everything i do!
Wilfred Owen- one of my favourite poets.
X- ohh come on!
Yogurt yum.
Zoey- my little sister

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Where does the time go?!

There really is not enough hours is the day, recently i've be finding myself here, there and everywhere. I've got some much stuff thats needs to be done, homework, revision,
Somehow, i dont know how, i've managed to keep on top of it all.

-My personal statement is done, so its just the teacher who have to do their bit now
-theory for driving- could be going better but i am working on it so hopefully things will start to come to together and ill be able to pass the damn thing!

-Revision- i've got three exams, very important exams, in Jan.
      - english lit
      -2x biology (one of which is a resit, which i am very ashamed off as i tried ohh so very hard first time, i was gutted on results day :(

And to top over my non-stop week i am working 8-4 on saturday and 9-4 on sunday so i literally have no weekend ohh well you win some you lose some, the only thing thats keeping me going to the money so i can add that to my savings.

Eats have been repitive and routined, i have the small breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and supper- i still eat very disordered but least im eating which is good as some days it's a really struggle i just cant be bothered.

Breakfasts- 2 weetabix, soya milk, whole toast with jam and an apple. I really do love apple- i was worried that my i got my braces i wouldnt be able to eat apples but i just cut them up which was easier and less painful- plus i would have died not having an apple for 3years- my favourite fruit.

Snack- Jordans Crunchy bar- yes im boring i have the same cereal bar everyday!

Lunch: Chicken wholemeal pitta, fruit yogurt and 2 ricecakes which i dip into my yogurt.

Snack- a bowl of dry cereal- i love cereal i could and have had it for breakfast, lunch and dinner but i know you need variety in order to get a balance diet.

Saturday- Sweet and sour chicken with white rice.
Sunday- Chicken, veg, roast potatoes and mash...... plus dessert a small slice of raspberry cheesecake.
Monday- Quorn mince in a tomato sauce with couscous and salad (cucumber, beetroot etc)
Tuesday- Quorn sausages, mash and veg
Wednesday, chicken, tomatoes and peppers in a tomato and basil sauce and penne pasta
Thursday- Chicken, sweet and sour sauce, peppers, udon noodles. (kind of like a stir-fry but its not fried)

I dont take pictures of my meals because i dont think a healthy thing for ME to do, i dont think its weird but for me it would be unhelpful as i already have a strained relationship with food however hopefully when my relationship with food becomes more healthy and positve i will be able to take pictures, plus my food would never look as good as some of the other bloggers i look at- my food is put to shame but the colour and freshnes of their meals.

Friday, 5 October 2012

cakes, cakes and more cakes!

The last 2 weeks have been so busy it's been unreal.

Last week, i had school monday to Friday as usually + driving lesson + homework + Macmillian bake sale.

More on the Macmillian Bake sale, after seeing an advert on TV about Macmillian National bake sell i knew i had to part of it, so i sign up and just 2weeks later a my lovely Macmillian pack arrived full with bunting, balloons, stickers, recipes and lots of other things. The aim was to bake lots of cakes and raise lots money for Macmillian, however there was one rule and one rule only everything had to be homemade which means lots and lots of baking.

woke up as usually, decided to measure out some of my dry ingredients in preparation for later. I left my house for school at around 8:30, leaving behind a kitchen full of bowls with dry ingredients and sticky notes attached telling me how much was there and what recipe it was for.

Got home from school, as we had half day, at around 2:30 and instantly turned of the oven. They to cut a long story short me and my sister spend 5hours (we had an hour break for dinner) baking, with the end results being:
-1 lemon drizzle cake (loaf)
-24 mini empire biscuits (2 shortbread rounds sandwiched together with jam, topped with icing and sprinkles.
-12 vanilla butterfly cakes with buttercream.
-12 chocolate butterfly cakes with chocolate buttercream
-10 chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream topped with mini white chocolate stars
-12 fairycakes ( simply iced cakes)
-10 smarties cookies
-A tray of chocolate brownies.
-1 coconut cake (my mum did that while we were at school so i cant take credit sadly).

Luckly I have a lovely granny and lovely friends with decided to help out so in the end their was:
-lots of Scottish tablet (thanks to my granny)
-12 xbutterfly cakes (thanks to my granny)
-12 xCakes topped with milk chocolate (thanks to my granny)
-Vanilla traybake cake (thanks to my granny)
-Heart shaped biscuits with icing and chocolate (thanks to Lauren)
-More fairycakes (thanks to Lauren)
-chocolate cakes (thanks to Lauren)
-50 milk chocolate cookies (thanks to Amber)
-Raspberry filled cupcakes (thanks to Milica)

There was lots and lots and lots, too much to name or even remember for that matter,
But in the end me raised £158.22 which was amazing since we sold the cakes for 30p which apparently according to the teacher was far to cheap.

Sorry no picture, we were far to busy to be taking pictures!

This week was a little quieter but not much, i've had lots and lots revision, coursework, practice for my theory, god my to-do list never seems to end, i really enjoy my bedtime as it the one time i can relax and turn-off and leave everything behind knowing i can do it tomorrow.

I also, along with 90 other people in my school year go invited to a Halloween party- now im never the girl who gets asked to anything which is why i was so shocked i got invited but all my friends are going to i've decided to go, it should be laugh. I don't drink so i will most likely be the only person who will actually remember the night!

But, their's a twist the party is a fancy dress party- it doesnt have to halloween themed. I've decided to go as Velma from Scooby doo

Yummy oats!

Yummy granola!
For a chance to win some yummy treats from Jordans then head over to:
Porridge and Parsnips.